Wrong income reported on Bankruptcy application

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Wrong income reported on Bankruptcy application
« on: July 22, 2016, 04:32:08 PM »
Hello Everyone,

So I filed for first time Bankruptcy last week, I mostly dealt with the assistant to the Trustee, or the estate administrator is her title. Anyways I told her my income and gave her a copy of my pay stub, I was a little nervous when signing the papers and missed the part where she had calculated that I made almost 200 more a month (and didn't notice until I got the letter in the mail) then I actually do.

I've was trying to contact her all day with no response so I thought I would come here since she seems to be of no use, and I've actually had to contact a couple of my own creditors as she seems to be too lazy to do so, as the creditors were emailing everyday and I notified her of this.

Anyways I'm just wondering since the Bankruptcy was already filed with my incorrect income, is it a big deal to correct such a thing as that, and will it look badly on me?

Thanks for all your help.


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