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  1. Value of car
  2. How do you manage expenses
  3. Student Loans and Seven Years
  4. Including Fairstone in CP
  5. Surplus Income AFTER 7th month average is calculated
  6. Disability award from veterans affairs
  7. Missed Counselling
  8. Wrong income reported on Bankruptcy application
  10. Increase in home equity
  11. Would you pay for a service that helps restore your credit ASAP?
  12. Auto Discharge Question
  13. Still Not Discharged!!!
  14. A few questions re: when best to file, surplus income, leased assets
  15. Estate Trustee or Executor for a Will
  16. Trouble Just Follows Me!!
  17. How close to your automatic release date for communication with trustee?
  18. Buying /selling vehicle during Bankruptcy
  19. Discharge In Trouble.
  20. Question about renting during bankruptcy
  21. notice to attend mtg at OSB
  22. Spouce's Income tax return surplus income
  23. Raise during bankruptcy
  24. Gym memberships
  25. question re: settlement changes due to surplus income
  26. Can the CRA take tax refunds while you are awaiting to be discharged?
  27. Surplus Income
  28. Co-signing during a Proposal?
  29. Is There a specific amount of time Creditors have to make a claim ??
  30. Communications with Creditor
  31. Surrendering Vehicle
  32. Security on a Loan
  33. In middle of bankruptcy my husband passed away.
  34. Feeling Played by my Trustee --> Opposition of Discharge of Bankrupt
  35. Income Tax
  36. wife accepted for poposal--husband not
  37. staying the proceedings
  38. filling fees when kepping your mortgage during bankruptcy
  39. Have been claiming gross income instead of net
  40. re:support comments
  41. Questions after filing -- surplus calculations, partners' new assets, etc
  42. Payments for surplus during 12 month extension?
  43. 3 people in the household
  44. Can I work overseas? Does this count to surplus?
  45. a need to repay receiving back-pay child support payments?
  46. separation during a bankruptcy
  47. cliffinzz
  48. can you keep retroactive pay
  49. Sale of Exempt posessions?
  50. Mothers Bank Account