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  1. CP after Bankrupcy-help help!
  2. Using a new CP to get out of a cell phone contract?
  3. Please help to decide -Thinking of filing CP
  4. Considering CP, what happens with my Mortgage?
  5. about to file cp , and yesterday I was laid off and given severance money
  6. Money Management Sessions-with Trustee?
  7. about to file cp , and yesterday I was laid off and given severance money
  8. Car Loans
  9. possibility of CP
  10. Company Credit Card During CP?
  11. My Consumer Proposal
  12. Is it possible to pay off a Consumer Proposal early?
  13. Proposal not done right
  14. What happens to zero balance credit cards in a consumer proposal?
  15. Need advice: What amount to pay into this credit card account?
  16. Once I file, do I get to keep a secured credit card? What's a zero balance card?
  17. Will the Trustee require us to file our 2010 tax returns before proceeding?
  18. Update.....Had our appointment
  19. follow -up
  20. worried sick
  21. Appointment is made............
  22. Mortgage while in CP
  23. Someone named Alan
  25. Wondering about minumum payments leading to proposal......??????
  26. Mortgage Renewal Desperation
  27. Need help. Great concern: employer taking over some credit card debt
  28. Did your Trustee present to creditors the reason(s) for indebtness?
  29. Collection methods used?
  30. Who can vote FOR a consumer proposal?
  31. First Meeting of Creditors - chances of rejection?
  32. Before filing for consumer proposal, did you negotiate with your creditors?
  33. Trustee referral GTA and thereabouts
  34. 45-th day,now waiting for phone call
  35. What happens to joint obligations during a CP & what are the risks?
  36. Filled CP- now counting to 45 .....
  37. Badly need help and advice.
  38. Consumer proposals
  39. Royal Bank and Consumer Proposals
  40. how to determine my possible CP payment
  41. I want to share my story
  42. I just filed a CP, but want to stop it, is it possible
  43. If CP is rejected, What happens next?
  44. I have made a complete mess
  45. Thurs meeting-Scared to death
  46. 3 months in - things to keep me on track
  47. bank overdraft in cp ?
  48. an issue going from secured to unsec credit card after proposal was completed
  49. Obtaining a refinance mortgage while in CP
  50. credit approval