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  1. Anybody knows any company that do car finance for somebody under CP?
  2. Filing Today - Aug 29
  3. Be careful when voluntarily repossessing your car (if you do)
  4. was given a credit card pre-proposal signing but never activated
  5. Get a loan while in proposal to pay off proposal in SASK
  6. Filed today
  7. Best secured Credit Card when you're on CP
  8. Frustrated and upset, might not be able to file a proposal
  9. Solution to my dilemma about a joint account
  10. Any tech / stats savvy people out there?
  11. Sell a car privately or voluntary repossession? [Ontario]
  12. no idea
  13. some questions about consumer proposal
  14. Include secured loan or not?
  15. Thinking about filing for Consumer Proposal
  16. credit bureaus
  17. Submitted a Proposal
  18. Update on the Rental Home
  19. Majority voted in favour but single creditor with more than 25% vote declines
  20. Stay of Proceedings Ignored by one creditor - recourse?
  21. Willingness of banks to work out a restructuring plan?
  22. Creditor cooperation
  23. waiting to hear about car loan
  24. mortgage renewal
  25. Can a bank register a lien against a loan once you file a cp
  26. Done
  27. Annulment of consumer proposal
  28. R7 or R9?
  29. David Skylar's organization good/bad?
  30. Going in to meet Trustee for a CP...told the bank
  31. Move moneys from one card to another before the proposal
  32. Question about credit card with 0$ and payments
  33. Submitted my proposal and now waiting
  34. Troubles after CP is completed
  35. Is my CP amount fair?
  36. Possible conflict of interest for the Trustee / Reason for indebtedness
  37. car loan while under cp
  38. Collection Letters - Scared! :(
  39. new credit after cp discharge
  40. Many questions about consumer proposal (long post)
  41. CP and Renting a place to live
  42. Anyone from Edmonton area?
  43. Re: online list for cp
  44. Just filed my CP yesterday
  45. Small co-signed credit line balance
  46. updates re: my cp
  47. pay got deposited in close account
  48. Renewing Mortgage during CP
  49. Considering CP or BK
  50. Help!