Revenue Canada - Garnish wages from living in USA working for US company?

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So for 7 years I've been paying off tax debt, 750 a month, for almost 7 years to Revenue Canada.  Principal is paid, penalties and interest is not.  Credit counselor who arrange payment schedules and such as attempted with a layer, etc to get penalties and interest waived as principle is paid, but Revenue Canada says no.  Current balance is slightly greater then principal, so in theory I will never get out of this and it will grow.

Long story short, credit counselor says file for bankruptcy, now note, I have not lived in or worked for a company, in Canada for 8 years.

Talked to a Trustee today about bankruptcy and they said Revenue Canada can not garnish in Canada.  Before I make a final decision on what I will do.  I need to know, is this true?  I know they can threaten, but their (trustees) 35 years in the business says no they can not.  I just want confirmation.




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You should trust your trustee because they  have all the info about that , you could always get legal advise from insolvency lawyer, they will explain you  all the laws surrounding wages garnishments etc

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