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Title: Grandpa getting creditor letters of asset look up etc..
Post by: hyperactive on January 19, 2018, 09:51:39 PM
Back Story, my grandpa got sick and the family wasn't aware that bills were stacking up because he used to go to bank pay manually and voila.. fast forward a few months..  one of us went to the mailbox to check to see if he had went to it and there was a stack of bills including a letter from Canada Post that mail has been halted til contact is made at Canada post.. we went to Canada Post and grabbed another huge stack of letters.

Throughout these letters 1 stood out "Immediate Attention Required" it was dated approx 2 weeks ago. And had to action within 5 letters of the letter date so it's well behind.. schedule.

My grandpa as 3 Forms of income, WSIB (expires this year), CPP and OAS I read everywhere that WSIB, CPP AND OAS cannot be touched by a garnishment order because they are not actual WAGES earned even though WSIB is questionable and NOT clear.

In any case, it talks about probing into assets etc... my grandpa has no assets other then receiving his WSIB CPP AND OAS and those monies have been collecting up for quite some while (No idea how much)

Can creditors successfully seize his bank account if he has 1 of those 3 above mention incomes coming in in any way shape or form (This specific creditor is a creditor from a credit card company about $108.92 + $209.00 interest)

We have power of attorney letters were getting him to sign to gain access to his bank accounts to process all these payments by next week (If it goes smooth) but in the interm, can creditors successfully seize the account is the main question.

We have calculated all the bills to have added up to $3,514.22