Can I file bankruptcy over this charge

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Can I file bankruptcy over this charge
« on: November 25, 2017, 04:42:48 PM »
I had an accident about 5 years ago with cancelled insurance so I got ordered to pay for the insurance costs $8000 and $45000 to two different parties.  I couldn't pay it because I was 22 and unemployed. Now it's dragged on for 5 years and suspended my license.  Is it ok to file bankruptcy over this ?  I'm really not in debt otherwise because I have bad credit from the days of the accident so all I have is about $1000 owing to other places.  I was hoping to graduate from school and pay it off but I ended up dropping out and took on a lousy job that barely paid the rent. I can't see myself starting a 15 year payment plan with such uncertainties in the future. If anyone would be willing to give advise or bankruptcy court knowledge I would be grateful.


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