After bankruptcy problems

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After bankruptcy problems
« on: November 13, 2013, 11:35:10 AM »
My bankruptcy was discharged in August 2011. When I tried to e-file my last taxes I couldn't because CRA said I was in bankruptcy. But I was able to the year before? My trustee said that couldn't be possible and to just mail it in, so I did. Now my child is can get disability but CRA will not accept my request, saying it must be done by the trustee. I sent this information to the trustee but they have not said what will happen and have not replied to my questions. Now they just sent (Oct 2013) a letter Congratulations on obtaining your discharge along with a copy of the pre and post taxes. I ask them if it is cleared up with CRA and I can request the disability? but they do not respond.

I called CRA and they say my bankruptcy is discharged but my trustee is not, why would that be? How do I get this resolved if they will not respond to me?
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Re: After bankruptcy problems
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2013, 03:57:18 PM »
The first step should be to contact both EquiFax and TransUnion to get a copy of each of your credit reports. You can use an existing credit card (it must be in your name and more than 1 year old) to get the report immediately, or you can print a form and mail it to them along with two (2) pieces of government issued identification to get the reports for free via the mail, however that will take several weeks.

Once you know how your situation is reported you'll know better how to proceed.

Meanwhile, if you have your certificate of discharge from the court you should be able to forward that along with the application to the CRA so they can update their files.

The CRA is always notified when there is a personal bankruptcy but reporting discharge/completion sometimes gets back-burnered.


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